Is the INOMI SE8 worth purchasing based on your experience with it?

Is the INOMI SE8 worth purchasing based on your experience with it?

This two-year period has seen a surge in the popularity of sweeping robots. Sweeping robots are still worth purchasing as a lazy home appliance to free your hands.
Simply put, the experience of the sweeping robot is to improve the convenience of life, such as no life of the domestic aunt to sweep themselves, can reduce the frequency of our pick up the broom, mop, occasionally sweep a sweep can be.

Sweeping robot veterans respond."it is worth a shot!"
Instead of manual sweeping, it is not only more convenient and labor-saving for dogs with hair, but it also removes bacteria and dust.
In 2013, I purchased my first sweeping robot and was "dumbfounded" by it.  Then I began to study them, gradually progressing from amateur to senior sweeper enthusiast, witnessing the sweeper's evolution.
2021 first-tier brands have launched a slew of models, including the then-hot INOMI SE8, which I reviewed in June.

Suction power] With a maximum suction power of 2200pa, bilateral brushes can be very effective at collecting dust, identifying the carpet, and sweeping clean.
INOMI SE8 has a three-point cleaning system that combines dual side brushes, rotating brush rollers, and three powerful suction levels (maximum 2200 Pa), and while vacuuming, it detects when it is on the carpet and increases the suction to clean deeper.

Navigation] Intelligent route planning
The intelligent "Z" sweeping mode on the SE8 is twice as efficient as the random sweeping mode. The robot vacuum cleaner intelligently distinguishes between carpets and hard floors and adjusts suction power automatically to improve cleaning performance.

[Mopping] The INOMI SE8 robot vacuum cleaner cleans and vacuums for you. A 500ml dust container and a 300ml water tank are included in the package. The water flow rate can be adjusted via the app, and there are three levels.

The set includes a 500 ml dust box and a 300 ml water tank. The app allows you to adjust the water flow on three different levels. Silent powerful mopping at 480 times per minute, constant humidity mopping, even mopping, and less water damage.

[Alexa and Application Control] You can use the INOMI App to set the cleaning time, change the cleaning mode, adjust the suction power, and do other things. The robot vacuum cleaner also works with Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. (Please keep in mind that the app only supports 2.4GHz WiFi networks.)

This is by far the most cost-effective model I've ever used, and it's ideal for pet-friendly homes!