How to choose a robot vacuum

How to choose a robot vacuum

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The benefit of a robot vacuum is that it cleans the room automatically simply by being left alone. Depending on the model, it can be used not only at home but also on the go, making it ideal for dual-income households and the elderly.


On the other hand, small details such as near walls, around furniture, and places other than the floor may be impossible to handle, so you will have to clean it yourself.


Also, keep in mind that installation is relatively expensive.

How to Select a Robot Vacuum

Examine the type of robot vacuum.

Type of suction

The suction type sucks and cleans floor dust in the same way that a regular vacuum cleaner does.

The majority of robot vacuum cleaners are of this type, and they range in price from low-cost models to high-performance models.

The majority of suction types are compatible with floors such as flooring, tatami mats, and carpets.

Type of floor wipe / water wipe

There is also a robot vacuum cleaner that can wipe and clean the floor.

The feature allows you to attach a mop or cloth to the bottom of the machine and clean it while wiping dirt off the floor.

There are some models that support both dry and wet wiping.

It is possible to remove the stickiness if the model cleans while spraying water on the floor.


If you want to clean the flooring, there is also a robot vacuum cleaner that sucks dust and wipes it away at the same time.

Examine the main body's shape.

Depending on the model, the shape of the robot vacuum varies.

The most common shape is round, but triangular and D-shaped models are also available.


The triangular and D-shaped models allow the brush to easily reach the corners, and dust on the corners and walls can be firmly absorbed.


Along with the shape, you should look at the thickness of the main body.


A thin robot vacuum can clean hard-to-reach areas by fitting under a sofa or bed.

If you want to clean multiple rooms, use the "Mapping Function."

Some robot vacuums have a mapping feature that uses sensors to recognize a room's floor plan.

If the mapping function is enabled, you can clean multiple rooms with a single unit, making it a useful feature for those who need to clean a large number of rooms.


If you live alone or in a studio, however, you can use the model without the mapping function.


Because the price is reasonable, it is also recommended for those looking to save money.

Examine the brush and suction port types.

Take note of the types of brushes used in robot vacuum cleaners. Hair brushes are prone to becoming entangled with hair and pet hair, but they have the advantage of being easy to clean. Rubber brushes, on the other hand, do not easily become entangled with hair and can be used on rugs.


Furthermore, the robot vacuum cleaner that can suck directly lacks a brush, so hair and pet hair do not become entangled.


However, it is not recommended for long-haired rugs.

Check how to care

Learn how to take care of the robot vacuum. The suction power may be reduced if dust accumulates on the internal filter or dust box that collects sucked dust.


We recommend a model with a removable filter and dust box that is easy to clean.


You can also keep the dust box clean by washing it with water.

"Dust station" that can reduce the frequency with which garbage is disposed of

Some robot vacuums are dust station compatible. A dust station is a device that collects dust that has been collected by a robot vacuum cleaner. The advantage is that you can save time by not having to dispose of the trash yourself. You can use it hygienically because it prevents your hands from becoming soiled when you throw away trash.


On the other hand, because the dust station is so large, it has an oppressive feel to it.


Keep in mind that the model that collects garbage in a paper carton costs the same as the paper carton itself.

Examine the useful features

Function for detecting steps

The step detection function is one of the most useful features of a robot vacuum cleaner. If the step detection function is enabled, even a small step, such as a carpet, can be overcome by itself, allowing for efficient cleaning of a large area.


Depending on the model, the height of the steps that can be overcome varies.


There is also a model that can overcome steps of 2 cm or more, so please take this into account depending on the environment in which you use the robot vacuum cleaner.

The auto-return and auto-restart functions are both available.

The majority of robot vacuums are battery-powered. There is no need to worry about the battery running out and stopping in the middle if the automatic return function, which automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery is low, is installed.


Furthermore, some robot vacuum cleaners with an automatic return function also have an automatic restart function.

It is easy to clean because it resumes operation from the point where it was interrupted for charging.

Smartphone collaboration feature

When selecting a robot vacuum cleaner, it is also important to consider whether or not it can be used with a smartphone. If you can connect it to your smartphone, you can start cleaning whenever you want, even when you're not at home, and depending on the model, you can also set the schedule and mode.


Furthermore, some robot vacuum cleaners can communicate with smart speakers.


If you can't keep your hands off the surface, you can give cleaning instructions simply by calling out.

Enter the prohibition configuration function.

Some robot vacuums have an option to set a no-entry zone. It is a feature that allows you to avoid problems by pre-designating areas where you do not want the robot vacuum cleaner to enter, such as areas where there are many cords for home appliances and areas where pet food is stored.

Depending on the model, you can set the no-entry zone in a variety of ways, such as by using optional items to create an invisible wall or by attaching a special tape.


Some items can be configured using your smartphone, so select an easy-to-use type.

Function for preventing falls

When selecting a robot vacuum cleaner, the presence or absence of a fall protection function is also an important consideration. When a large step, such as a front door, is detected by a fall prevention function, it will automatically stop and change direction, reducing the risk of falling.


It's also appealing because you won't have to worry about falling down the stairs.

If you intend to use your robot vacuum in a room on the second or higher floor with stairs, look for models with fall protection.conflict prevention function

We recommend a model with a collision prevention feature if you're concerned about scratching your furniture or your robot vacuum. It is possible to detect obstacles with sensors and clean while avoiding collisions with furniture and walls using the collision prevention function.


If there is no anti-collision function, it will collide with obstacles and change direction, allowing you to clean every nook and cranny while potentially damaging the furniture.


Consider purchasing a model with anti-collision features if you want to avoid hitting furniture as much as possible.

Suction and mopping type | Recommended robot vacuum cleaner


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You can start cleaning even when you're on the go thanks to the dedicated app. It also works with Alexa Voice Control. It is a highly recommended robot vacuum cleaner that cleans quickly.