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A useful home appliance known as a "robot vacuum cleaner" that cleans the floor of the room in which you normally live. Even in Japan, its popularity is high, and it can be said that it has reached the stage of widespread use. Recently, the functions have become more sophisticated, and products that can be wiped down with water and controlled by voice from a smart speaker have emerged. Let us first discuss the current trend of such robot vacuum cleaners, as well as the models of interest.

Features of robot vacuum cleaner

The best part about robot vacuum cleaners is that if you turn them on and leave them alone, they will clean the floor of the room without your intervention. When the battery is about to die, it is "smart" to return to the charging stand and begin charging again.

A conventional canister vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum cleaner with increased suction power is better suited for daily cleaning. Consider a robot vacuum cleaner to be a "convenient home appliance" that can absorb small dust and reduce cleaning time and effort by running while you are away. The fundamentals are outlined below.

Using the built-in camera and sensor, find the best route and run it.

A high-precision navigation system is typically built into robot vacuums. This is the "wisdom" secret. High-performance models, in particular, have a mechanism that detects the shape of the room and the location of dust in the room using a built-in camera and various sensors, and you can derive the optimum route by yourself based on the information in the room mapped in this way. It "runs automatically."

Supports different floors and detects steps! It is also possible to specify a "intrusion prohibited area."

Turning the robot vacuum cleaner over and looking at the back side, it is common to find a side brush that rotates automatically during operation, a suction port that suctions in dust, and a roller that runs the main body. It is compatible with not only flooring but also carpets, rugs, tatami mats, and so on, and the cleaning mode can be changed depending on the floor surface.

Furthermore, the built-in sensor on the high-performance model detects steps. If there is a small step, you can get over it and keep cleaning, and if there is a stair, change the direction so it does not fall. Furthermore, some models have a "no entry function" that can be set to prevent cleaning of rooms and places that you do not want to enter, and detailed specifications are possible.

There are two types of cleaning: suction cleaning and wiping cleaning.

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, suction cleaning, which sucks in dust from the floor, is standard. Not only that, but there are robot vacuums that "wipe" the flooring with a mop. The number of models is limited, but you can select one based on your requirements.

Trends and turning points

Depending on the model, the world of robot vacuum cleaners has a variety of personalities. The appeal points vary greatly depending on the model, including not only the basic dust suction and automatic driving performance, but also the size of the main body and the introduction of IoT by supporting Wi-Fi. Check out the trends and factors listed below.

Shape / size

Essentially, "shape / size" is one of the factors to consider when selecting a product. The standard is a round design represented by "Roomba," which was the driving force behind robot vacuum cleaners, but some products have a triangular design in order to reach deep into the corners of the wall. There are also models that focus on shrinking the body to make it easier to move between pieces of furniture and around table legs.

Battery capacity & dust box design

Robot vacuums run on batteries. It depends on the usage environment, so it cannot be stated unequivocally, but its life span is approximately 3 to 5 years. It is a good idea to check the battery replacement guidelines when purchasing a product.
Furthermore, because the main body is smaller, the capacity of the dust box is less than that of the canister and stick types that are commonly used in the main.
The average is 0.25 to 0.3L, and if dust accumulates, it must be manually disposed of.
Many people are concerned about cleanliness, but the number of models that can be washed with water by removing the dust box has recently increased.


Some models include Wi-Fi and can be controlled by smartphones and smart speakers.

The number of robot vacuum cleaners that include a Wi-Fi function on the main unit and can be controlled via a smartphone app is growing. Among them is a model that can be operated by voice in conjunction with a smart speaker. Robot vacuum cleaners are among the first home appliances to respond to the IoT trend. Please keep this in mind as you make your home appliances smarter.

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